Brocantes in Loire Valley - French Chic Upcycling

French Brocantes

Brocantes in and around Chinon are plentiful in the Loire Valley and range from small outhouses set in the countryside to antique fairs along the Vienne. Chateau La Perriere is centrally located to explore some great French brocantes. The famous Chinon antique fair is on every 3rd Sunday of the month, which you can walk to from our little French Chateau, as seen on Escape to the Chateau DIY. The only downside is..... you can't buy too much if you don't take your car! On the rare occasion, getting in the car is a necessity, especially when it involves brocantes. Let's face it, there is always something which will catch your eye. and fabrics are my soft spot

Brocante French Linen, upcycle to make tablecloth with Annie Sloane paint

I absolutely love making new creations from forgotten items which are waiting to be picked out from the dark dusty barns, and boy they are dusty! If you haven't sneezed at least five times, you haven't looked hard enough. Some of the best gems are found when you move things around. Some advice, take a pack of wet wipes for when you leave ....... you'll need them!

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Lace linen using plaster of Paris

Emmaüs is a charity shop within 1/4 mile, there is always an array of china which makes the most beautiful cup-cake and canapé stands and so cheap to create. I'm flattered to see Angel of Escape to the Chateau, did a similar creation for her weddings at Chateau de la Motte Husson. She is fabulous, I love her creativity and style. Watch out for the tutorial, this one only uses glue, no drill required.

Upcycle French China similar to Escape to the Chateau

The great thing about buying from a brocante is there is no guilt, your mother isn't going to say "your great great grandmother is not going to appreciate you cutting up their cherished tablecloth!". You can paint furniture with chalk paint, which by the way is super easy and you don't need to stress about your family finding out you've defaced the family heirloom. I'll be honest, there is no way I would have stuck my grandmother's china together. However, her china is sat in a cupboard never to be used and this is out being enjoyed on a weekly basis............which is best?

French brocante upcycling, silver tealights

With a little help from you, we can reuse and recycle a little more and bring back individuality to our homes. Use silver teacups as tea light holders, so pretty at night when the light shines through the holes.

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