Is a holiday not a holiday?

Why create an office?

Sometimes it is inevitable, on occasions we find ourselves having to work when we are on holiday. Frustrating, tedious and annoying, but for some people, it is merely a reality. For us, it means Paul is more likely to come away for longer, allowing him to spend a few hours in contact with the office every couple of days.

Many of our guests work at the chateau

Before the creation of the workcation hub, there were many times when Paul stayed at home; he would just have too much work to take time off from the business. Alternatively, he would try to work in the kitchen or the dining room, which was always a disaster. Work would take longer, as it was harder to concentrate and the children would interrupt. Then the idea of the workcation Hub was born...............

We love being together as a family; we function better together than apart. But, working on holiday can make for a miserable family experience. The kids are running in and out, generally making a noise, and being told: "Shush, Daddy's on the phone and it's important!"

The workcation hub is a quiet place for Paul to dip out temporarily to get his work done, in a professional environment, without the disturbances of the home life. In the distance, Paul can hear the children without it being intrusive, see them playing a game of badminton or swinging on the swings. It is a delight to work at the Workcation Hub, the views are spectacular, and when Daddy's finished, he can enjoy lemonade on the decking and Daddy can return to the family holiday.

Mum is happy, kids are happy, and Daddy is ready to rejoin and relax with the family.

The workcation hub, a spectacular workplace

Everyone is happy......

The water Tower, Workcation Hub balcony and view of Chinon Castle

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