Chateau La Perriere - Children at the Ch
Chateau La Perriere - Child enjoying the
Chateau La Perriere - kids time
Chateau La Perriere - watching the harve
Chateau La Perriere 1920s
Chateau La Perriere - Karen
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About Us

Paul and I fell in love with this beautiful Loire Valley Chateau, from the moment we saw it hiding amongst the trees.  When we bought it, it was unloved and looking very tired, but we knew one day it would make the perfect rental.  The funny thing was we never saw it as it was then, only as it is today, I think it was to do with the rose coloured glasses we were wearing!  The journey of refurbishing the Chateau has been an exciting adventure and we will continue to talk about it for many years.  The best bit is, we got to share it with people from around the world, who also made amazing memories.