Tour de France 2016, Stage 4 Saumur - Limoges

It's time to celebrate, our Chateau rental is positioned perfectly in the Loire Valley for experiencing the Tour de France in Saumur and Anger in July 2016. Hooray............. for all those MAMIL's (middle aged men in Lycra) or BOOBIL's (babes out on bikes in Lycra) out there.

Where are you considering watching the Tour de France this year?

We are extremely fortunate to experience the Tour de France for the second time, and within 1/2 an hours drive, it is the Stage 4 Saumur to Limoges on Tuesday, July 5th 2016!

For those who haven't experienced the exhilarating event, lining the streets and waiting for the three second flash of fit young cyclists racing past you in Lycra at a ridiculous speed you could only dream of traveling on your bike. The atmosphere is exciting, starting with a procession of promotional carnival vehicles which go past prior to the cyclists.

Watching the children's faces makes the wait worthwhile, as they run to catch the Tour de France promotional products being thrown from the vehicles as they pass, chanting and waving their flags.

How are you getting there, fancy a Tour de France challenge?

Have you considered cycling to Chinon from Windsor Castle, a journey the Plantagenents embarked on in 2009 and has become a bit of a club each year, however, the challenge becomes more grueling as each year passes. Last year resulted in Windsor to Chinon in two days including the ferry crossing..............

The Petit Soigneur's cheer with excitement as their daddy's cycle up the road to Chateau La Perriere! The day of anticipation was long, after following them on Find My Phone app, delivering food and dry clothes for them along their route, but they didn't care, they were so proud to see theirs daddy's arrive.

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