MAMILs French Cycling tour - Ascot to Chinon

Arrive on velo

Ascot, England - Chinon, Loire Valley, France

Chateau La Perriere

The Challenge

With four cycling tours from Ascot to Chinon, under their belts, five Dad's embark on a tour to Chinon unsupported.

No rescue plan, no emotional support

just good old determination

Whilst two Mum's and four children, who are the sensible ones, went by car and stayed in our favourite hotel en route and enjoyed some fabulous sushi in Rouen.

The Prep

How small can one fold a spare pair of bib shorts? Not very, therefore they can't go in the bag! Yes that's it, they are going to be very smelly by the time they reach Chinon. Everything from toothbrush to emergency inner tubes had to fit in the saddle bag.

Pretty neat looking bag though

don't you think.....?


An exhilarating morning, before the world has really woken up, encountering spectacular scenery through three boroughs, Berkshire, Surrey & Hampshire. Petersfield greeted them with a perfect place to stop and grab a coffee and fuel in the sunshine - thank you England.

It's all about the Food

The perfect sausage butty

Accommodation Loire Valley France

Stunning accommodation at Le Mans

Fabulous food, Loire Valley France

Amazing food at Le Mans

Fabulous French cafes along the way

Fabulous French cafes along the way

The Perfect Cycling Fuel

Would you believe it, this little cafe served fresh scones by a Scottish lady!

Cycling team arrive at Chateau La Perriere

Its all worth it in the end