Meet Leafy the Snake

Well, when Neil and Vicki embarked on the life at Chateau la Perriere, I'm not sure they had realised quite how many leaves would fall and keep on falling......

Leafy the snake the longest snake in the Loire Valley

Meet leafy the snake, he is the longest snake in the Loire Valley stretching from the entrance gates, wrapping around the primary and secondary driveways and curling around the parkland tracks and finishing at the compost area. This snake is not rare and is visible every week......

The tail end of Leafy the leaf snake

The rewards are grand! The avenues are spottless.

Whilst walking up the driveway and around the parkland you find yourself marveling at how amazing the grounds look when the leaves have been literally hoovered.

Driveway Copse clear of leaves and conkers

Tree Lined driveway leading to Chateau La Perriere

There is a beautiful carpet of Cyclamen appearing from beneath the trees which provide a lovely wash of colour. They are very grateful for the lifting of the leaves!

Cyclament flowers beneath the trees

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