Children opting for a social media detox

Recent research suggests children are opting for a social media detox. When we have a family holiday at Chateau La Perriere our children live life without technology. It is a magical place where children can explore the outdoors and use their imaginations which inspires creativity. Often our children are found outside before breakfast, even if it is raining. The estate offers them a chance to embrace the outdoors and escape the world of social media.

To our amazement, whilst we were interviewing our new guardians, we spotted Thomas flying through the air. He had designed and implemented a zip wire. He had worked out, all by himself, how to get the required tension on the ropes using a series of knots learnt from climbing. Using his harness and carabiner, he was off. Each time, learning how to perfect his method. He can't do that in our back garden in the UK. Now, I'm not saying there wasn't a moment when I was worried, but he showed me his design and how much thought he had put into the, what if's............. Sometimes trusting our children to make the right decisions is hard, but he made me proud.

At the Chateau children have time and space to use their imagination and creativity, making it an ideal family holiday