Dye Fabric with Annie Sloan Paint

Eureka Moment

For years, I have always struggled to get a selection of fabric which had the right subtle tones. Now, with Annie Sloan paint, you can mix an endless combination of tones and colours. to create that boutique fabric.

I absolutely love it.......

The fabric is washable, making it totally child-friendly, which is fabulous for our Boutique French Chateau in the Loire Valley. I can't wait to start dying more brocante fabrics for our guests to enjoy.

the paint is really easy to work with

It is so quick and best of all it is natural....unlike dylon!

Rescue long forgotten fabric from a Brocante shelf

Annie Sloan Paint Process

at least, 4 pieces of sample fabric (4 inch square)

1 litre jug with water

An Iron or tumble dryer

1 small pot of Annie Sloan Paint

1 washing up bowl

1 tablespoon


washing line

The process of dying Annie Sloan Paint is simple, you need water and paint, that's it......as simple as that! Firstly, you saturate the cloth in the water and paint mix, then remove and allow to dry! Heat seal with an iron or tumble dryer and then rinse in water. As you rinse the fabric, the chalk paint will wash away, but the pigment will remain fixed to the cloth.

Voila, that's it, you have your dyed fabric!

Getting the right tone

Depending on the tint you wish to achieve, will depend on the quantities.

Remember you can add more Annie Sloan paint, but you can't take away.

Cut off a strip of fabric from the piece of fabric you are looking to die, enough for at least four equal pieces. I'm a bit of a neat freak, therefore, I made them equal. They don't need to be exact, however, it makes it easier to assess the tones if the sizes of the samples are similar!

Mix 1 part paint and 6 parts water, mix with a whisk until combined, then add one sample, saturate then remove.

I started with a small amount and used 2 tbs paint and 12 tbs water

Allow to dry and then heat seal with an iron. Lastly, rinse the sample with water. Repeat, this time adding another part of the paint. Continue the process until you have the desired tone.

Don't forget to write on the back of your samples the paint : water ratio, so you know the quantities to use on your final piece.

Above are samples for the central section of the table cloth, below are the napkins, which will hopefully be featured on Chateau Rescue, Channel four. Originally the napkin fabric had a slight yellow tinge, so I dyed them at the same time as the table cloth, to achieve a complimentary tone.

Annie Sloan paint, can be mixed with other colours, to create your perfect tone. If it is too light, simply add more paint. Flexible and kind to your skin. Earthy, natural French tones.

compliment it with your paintwork


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