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Escape to the Chateau D I Y
Series 4
Starring Paul, Karen, Thomas & Katie Horne

An unexpected year of rising costs.   We always knew the roof would need replacing at some point during owning the Chateau, but we always hope it will last one year longer.  Sadly for us, our roofer refused to patch it any longer, besides he nearly fell through the roof three times when he was taking measurements for the quotation......making three gigantic holes.  So, this year was the year of the roof, which naturally lead on to the renovations of The Stables and the Coach House.   

We also undertook a fun project for our celebrations at The Chateau, a clay pizza oven using traditional methods. 


The Coach House

Celebrating Life
for Birthdays, Anniversaries and weddings

The Coach House was formally the games room and we were always a little embarrassed about it.  It needed a little bit of attention, although it was fit for purpose, it wasn't the picture-perfect room and it always looked a bit like the poor relative. The walls and ceilings were plasterboard with zero characters, all in all, a rectangular ugly box.  So we pulled off the ceiling and the lime plaster of the walls to reveal beautiful beams and stone walls.  Instantly the room was transformed and I knew this room was going to be a stunning celebration room.

After opening up the room to The Stables, we realised we needed the ability to close it off for smaller more intimate events and to retain the heat.  Unfortunately, after the shock of the final roof invoice, we decided to make our own door.  Besides, it was unlikely I'd get exactly what I envisaged if I got a joinery company to make it and it certainly wouldn't be to budget.  In my normal way, I have these crazy ideas, and we some reason think.....how hard can it be.  So after several YouTube videos and some new equipment we set about making a sliding door.   Although to process of getting it off the floor and hung was super scary, it all went well without any dramas. 

The New Roof

Ouch.....roofs are so expensive
The end result is a master piece

The initial budget came in at an eye-watering €30,000, which was hard to swallow.  As time progressed it became obvious there were going to be a few extras, but nothing quite prepared us for it to come in nearly twice the original quote.   Frustratingly, even after the roof was completed, there was still another job to be completed which pulled the final bill in at £60,000.  Sometimes Paul and I forget just how much roof is there and the complexities of the project, but when we stand in the ensuite bathroom on the first floor of the Chateau, it is apparent why it was so expensive.    The roof is nearly twice that of the Chateau and that cost €60,000 in 2005. So, although it hurt and there were tears, I guess we can say, we got value for money. 

The roof is now stunning, and the entertaining space is dry and safe for our rental guests.