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our Petit Chateau


Parisian artisan shops fill the cobbled streets of Chinon.  The famous Chinon bread shop has queues out of the door, the renowned Boucheries and chocolatiers are simply a delight.  


Towering over the streets of Chinon stands the Royal Fortress of Chinon. Henry II, Count of Anjou and King of England built the Chateau no later than the 10th Century.




Chinon is full of heritage, stunning architecture and adorned with trees, fountains, and statues of the great Rabelais, Joan of Arc

Loire Valley Chateaux


The land of kings and famously known as the garden of France.  There just isn't enough time to see all them all.  Chateau Rivau is a magical land where children can get lost in their imaginations.  The gardens of Villandry are a spectacular wonder, featuring a water garden, flower and vegetable gardens and will leave you in amazement.   Chateau le Rideau is a pretty fairy-tale Chateau with stunning exterior, the night time Lumiere is worth a visit and the town is idyllic with its cobbled streets and boutiques. 




Chateau La Perriere    52 Rue Du Vausserein    Chinon 37500    France