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Guest  Form

As your holiday approaches will be asking you to complete a guests form and confirmation of preferred payment route for the return of the security deposit (subject to Terms and conditions)

Wedding Ceremony

What does your perfect Wedding Ceremony look like - tell us a bit more about your perfect Wedding Ceremony? 


How to find Chateau La Perriere in the Loire Valley. The maps below are from the RAC route planner and will help you navigate from the A85 and A10.

HOOT your HORN when you pass through the gates to let Quintin and Dawn know you have arrived and they will meet you at the Chateau with the keys

The Chateau

Where to find things, Estate Rules and Code of Conduct, and Notes around the Chateau 


We would agree with the ranking on the Trip advisor Restaurants in Chinon

Last  Day

We hope you have enjoyed your stay at Chateau La Perriere, in preparation for your departure we have put some notes together.  Please take the time to read them.

Terms and Conditions

We don't like all the legal stuff, however, it is sadly necessary, here is the 2019 Terms and Conditions for the rental of Chateau La Perriere


Chateau La Perriere    52 Rue Du Vausserein    Chinon 37500    France