Forteresse Royale

du Chinon

The Fortress

About the Town

Chinon is a Chic Town with its boutique shops and artisan bakers.  The streets are rich in the history of Joan D'arc and worthy of walking the cobbled streets to soak up the historic past.  The building themselves are simply stunning, with spectacular architectural wooden framed buildings.  


The royal fortress of Chinon, located in the Loire Valley  and overlooks the Chateau La Perriere retreat.  Peer over the wall of the fortress and see if you can spot the three Chateaux, Chateau La Perriere, Chateau Vaugaudry and Chateau du la Vauguyon.  


The fortress was never built for luxury but as a fort and it was the Counts of Anjou, notably the Plantagenets who were responsible for how it looks today. It is here, where you can see a time when the history of France and England was intimately entwined.


In 1429, the historic meeting took place between Joan of Arc and the Dauphin, the future Charles VII, in the Great Hall.

35 min walk

5 min drive

Historic Castle of Interest

Historic town with cobbled streets

Cafe in centre of Chinon

Panoramic View

Full price: €8.50 
Reduced price (2): €6.50
Free for : children under 7
Ambassador's pass (3): €14



Chateau La Perriere    52 Rue Du Vausserein    Chinon 37500    France