Come and Stay at

our Petit Chateau

Activities at the Chateau

Leaving the Chateau estate can be tough, but there are some wonderful activities to do.  One of our personal favourites it to go on one of Quintin's local bike tours to the local wineries, it is such a fantastic day out.  Just imagine, the sun is shining, the kids are enjoying the fresh air and beating their parents up the small incline (we can't call them hills in the Loire Valley as it is so flat) and you are getting to experience the local vineyards first hand.



"Winners all around"


Private Chef

Have you ever wondered about hiring a private chef?  Let's take a moment to imagine,  no need to worry about the cooking, shopping, laying the table and the endless washing up; Mike and Tracey do it all, and the best bit is, the food is incredibly tasty.


Retreat upstairs, relax and enjoy spending time getting ready for your evening; personally I like to take a glass of champagne with me, while Mike and Tracey ensure everything is perfect for you downstairs.  After all, the Chateau is about time with friends and family, and there is no better way to do this, then have someone else do all the work.



Mike and Tracey run a farmhouse B & B and cookery school locally; their branded produce is delicious. I often bring bottles of their homemade balsamic vinegar back to England with me, its thick and the mix of sweet and acidity is spot on.  Mike is a professional chef who has a passion for creating gourmet evening meals and they are a fabulous team together.  Tracey will make your guests feel at ease and is the master of the dining experience, whereas Mike is the creator and king of the kitchen.  They will liaise with you before your arrival to propose and agree on the menu suitable for your party.  






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