A French chateau to celebrate your



Your perfect party retreat to pop open the champagne cork, clink the glasses with your friends, family, and loved ones.......cheers!  A heavenly spot awaits, lunch at the front of the Chateau with world-class views of Chinon Royal Fortress. Long lazy afternoons of grazing, and best of all, time with friends and family.  


The warm breeze carries the sound of excited children, splashing in the swimming pool, movie nights with popcorn in the cinema room and long evenings of competitive table tennis tournaments and darts in the games room.   


The Chateau's secret ingredients,


tranquillity, privacy, classic modern interiors with a touch of luxury

As your time comes to an end the warmth of the chateau wraps around you like a cup of hot chocolate, with mini marshmallows and a decadent dusting of pure cocoa powder on the top. 



Chateau La Perriere    52 Rue Du Vausserein    Chinon 37500    France